Family life can be a challenge, and having a baby and bringing up children is a difficult job at the best of times. For some of us this can be harder because of our own personal difficulties and problems or because of our family/whānau situation. It is at these times that getting help can be really important. We're here to help.

Family Start

"Family Start has a focus on helping parents do a great job with their child’s health, growth, education and safety."

Children's Team

Coming Soon!

Children's Team will be transitioning into Te Waka Tamariki

The Children’s Team approach is a way of working hand in hand with families and whānau to create safer lives for at-risk children. It's not another service, but it’s a different approach. We work together with other agencies, non-government organisations and communities to put the child first and ensure their voices are heard. Together we share information and create one plan for each child.

Poipoia te Mokopuna

Poipoia te Mokopuna is a tamaiti centred service that focuses on providing whānau the knowledge, support and tools to enable their tamaiti to blossom and achieve their potential.

Kāinga Rua

Kāinga Rua is a residential service delivering 24/7 support for whānau Māori resident of Kirikiriroa and who are kāinga kore (homeless) and rawakore (experiencing extreme poverty). The service walks alongside tamariki and their whānau who are confronted with challenges that significantly impact their health, social, education, economic and housing outcomes. 

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